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      For a number of years musical instruments containing certain species of woods have been banned from international sale by CITES

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      Banjo Studio owner David Bandrowski plays and walks you through all of the features of the Ome Trilogy banjo on this video...

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      Tags: Ome Banjos, openback banjos, clawhammer banjos

      Though he’s best known for his banjo and guitar work in the realm of traditional New Orleans jazz, Don Vappie approaches music...

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      Tags: Tenor Banjo, Ome Banjos, Don Vappie

      We had the chance to sit down with Chuck Ogsbury, the founder of Ode banjos and Ome banjos recently. We discussed the history...

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      The Ome Jubilee 5-string openback banjo is a great openback banjo that features some beautiful mother of pearl inlays of a...

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