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    Relieving Stress And Anxiety Through Music

    By David Bandrowski

    With all the fear in the latest headlines and world events, now might be a great time to take a step back and focus on an activity that relaxes you, relieves stress, and actually makes you healthier - playing music. 

    For the near future we will all most likely be spending more time at home. Take this as an opportunity to work on your music skills. Learn some new songs. Learn a new instrument. Learn a new riff.

    Here are some ideas that can help you get inspired.

    1. Take An Online Lesson
      I offer online private lessons for any style of banjo playing or guitar via Skype/Facetime/Google Hangouts. Book your lesson at: https://www.banjostudio.com/pages/banjo-lessons

    2. Listen To Some New Music
      Listening to new music will open up your ears to new ideas and can inspire you try new things on your instrument. Also, with concerts being cancelled around the world, buying some music directly from an artist's website can help them during these tough times. 

    3. Purchase A New Instrument 
      I know this sounds a little self serving sales pitch, but a new instrument truly will inspire you to play and practice more. It can open up new sounds and possibilities to your hands and ears. You can see our whole stock of new and used instruments here.

    Thanks and stay healthy,
    David Bandrowski

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